How Special Lytro Light Field Camera?

20 Oct

How special Lytro Light Field Camera?
Light Field Camera also called Plenotic Camera.
It uses a microlens array to capture 4D light field information about a scene and this solution will improve computer graphics related problems.
Now,world’s first light field camera introduces by Lytro which will ship early 2012.
It as Camera 3.0 after film and digital photography.
It has two models:-

  1. 8GB flavor which can hold up to 350 pictures and comes in grey or blue.
  2. 16GB flavor which can hold up to 750 pictures and come in red hot colour.

It’s 8GB model will sell about USD$399 and 16GB model USD$499.
Do you experience it?
Make it magic: Camera captures all the light traveling in every direction in every point in space.
Capture everything: Capture living pictures with the press of a single button.
Focus after the face: Able refocus your pictures at anytime.
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Do you known the science inside this camera?
Are you ready for the world’s first consumer light field camera?
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Light Field Camera
Lytro Light Field Camera


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